Book A Workshop

Booking a workshop with us is easy! Let us know a date, time, and location and we do the rest!    
We do ask for a $60 refundable deposit in order to hold the date.  The deposit will be refunded on the day of the workshop or it can be used towards the purchase of your sign(s). We offer a limit of 10 options for your party and, once we've decided on the signs, we will setup a direct link on our workshop page for your guests to choose and pay for their own sign. Sign options range from $25-$80 each and our minimum for each party is $250 or 10 signs.
Our typical timeframe for each workshop is approximately 3 hours and we do ask to start promptly at the designated workshop time to ensure the workshop closes within that 3 hour window.  You and your guests are also welcome to make one or more signs.
We provide all of the wood, paint, tablecloths, and supplies to create a unique, custom wood sign!
If you are interested in hosting a workshop, you can contact us through our Facebook page at: or send us an email at
We look forward to hearing from you!
~The Niche & Nail